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Why isn’t there more verbosity in call management systems?

I would absolutely LOVE to hear this:

"Thanks for calling ___, you’re our favourite customer

Based on our current call load, and our current average wait time, it looks like your call will be answered in about 12 to 15 minutes. If you’d prefer to call back at another time, our wait time is usually shortest around 10am.”

I KNOW that Bell Canada, (and I’m sure almost every major call center) has access to this ‘lead time’. An time estimate of variable accuracy, for how long the caller will need to wait. Based on the number of calls in the que, and the number of techs fielding calls. 

When I call, I want to know this value! I can listen for 30 seconds, know that I’ll have to wait another 20, and comfortably walk away from the phone, without being paranoid. Troy suggests I design it myself, and I’ll make millions. 

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